Swiss Pocket Knife for Bitbucket

Edit last commit message


Edit the latest commit message in the head of each branch by using the stylo icon in the commit list.

  • Useful e.g. for typos or wrong JIRA keys
  • Available for commiter and repository admins

Completely delete files

Sometimes secret information (e.g. passwords or secret keys) is uploaded to Bitbucket. This plugins allows the complete deletion of these files. Use the button "Remove from all revisions" from the file view.

  • Delete files from all revisions in repository
  • Available for Bitbucket admins

Maintain pull requests

The standard installation of Bitbucket Server does not allow deletion of pull requests, the only option is "Decline". For larger installations, this leads to a large amount of remaining pull requests. This plugins allows the deletion of these. Simply chose "Remove"  from the action menu of declined pull requests!

  • Available for pull request owners and repository admins
  • Works for external databases (e.g. MySQL, Oracle), but not for internal (H2) database

Download "Swiss Pocket Knife for Bitbucket" from Atlassian Marketplace.