Dynamic Report for JIRA

Dynamic Report is a reporting plugin for Atlassian JIRA based on the jXLS framework.

Simply write your own reporting templates using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice/LibreOffice. The template may contain any form of images, logos, formatting and calculation. The generated reports are in native xls format (the JIRA built-in reporting is based on HTML).

Create your report in three simple steps:

  • Write a report template in any Microsoft Excel compatible application. A simple example is available here. For a description of variable substitutions, please have a look at our documentation.
  • Upload your template to your JIRA instance using Plugins/DynamicReport Templates in the JIRA admin menu.
  • Create the report from the JIRA search page using the "Export" functionality.

You're done!

Download Dynamic Report from Atlassian Marketplace.

Ultimate Plugin Manager

Plugin manager for JIRA, Confluence and Crowd that allows disabling of otherwise protected plugins and plugin modules. A full text search is integrated. The Crowd version also allows installing and uninstalling plugins. Useful for development purposes and extended customizing.

Disabling vital plugins may damage your installation. Please use with caution!

Download Ultimate Plugin Manager from Atlassian Marketplace.